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You can buy the songbook 'An Acquaintance 50 Songs' either via email by clicking the 'Buy via email' link or via PayPal by clicking the < Buy It ! > button.

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An Acquaintance - 50 Songs

All the lyrics and chord shapes and capo positions for the player and enthusiast - in a handy A5 size, wirobound so you can open it flat while playing the songs. Early feedback has described it as extremely user-friendly. It’s got all the songs you would expect in there too: "Gloria", "Karaoke", "The Broken Years", and "Walking On Sunday", etc.

There is also a selection of photos of people in younger days and other little things too. It’s a lovely study of Anthony John’s work and hopefully is just the first volume - the second volume is in its early stages of development.

It was designed by jiva design (www.jivadesign.co.uk), that is Jimmy and Val (aka jiva), and the 150 pages (cover to cover) have been lovingly created to present the songs in the most organized and convenient way.

Click here for an example song from the book.

My guitar playing is not professional standard, nor my vocals, my Scottish accent isn't Irish, but Anthony John Clarke's songbook is one of the most user friendly (capo positioning and tuning), helpful (Chord Shapes) books I have ever used, and I think, with practice, I'll be able to make a passable version of several of your songs, which I have wanted to play for a few years. I have put my name down for the next one already. (David Kidd, Towcester)

I got the new songbook about a week ago and just wanted to say how fantastic it is. I have bought lots of songbooks in the past only to find that what they contain does not help you at all whereas this has something for everyone no matter how experienced a guitar player. Simple easy to follow lyric set out and a chord shape diagram for every chord played – including variations. The guitar tuning and capo setting for each song – think how much time and stress that will save. The book even stands up on the table so I do not have to lean over to read it. A really carefully thought out tool for playing wonderful songs. Must go I need to practice. Thanks again – look forward to the new album this year. (Les Jones, Rowley Regis)

Hi Anthony John. I immediately re-tuned my guitar to open 'D' - (a tuning I have never played in before, and how nice it is!) and had a go at a couple of songs. No surprise that it didn't sound anything like your wonderful renditions but I'm working on it! I love the size and layout of the book as it is so user friendly, but what is a real bonus is all the additional information and photos which make it a more complete history and the icing on the cake. Just think - there must now be countless fans all tinkling away at your tunes with glee :) (Heather xx)

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Online Songbook

In 2008 Anthony John created an on-line songbook, uploading a series of short videos to his YouTube Channel explaining how he plays 15 of his songs.

Filmed and edited by Claudine Le Moal, these videos provide an excellent companion to 'An Acquaintance 50 Songs'.

The Songs Of Anthony John Clarke

Anthony John published his first songbook as an A4-sized 32-page booklet containing 13 songs from his first 6 albums - "I Get Lost" through to "An Acquaintance Of Mine". Alas, this treasure is no longer available, but all of the songs in it are included in "An Acquaintance 50 Songs".

In a land of songwriters this man is the one most deserving of a wider audience. Singers like Sean Keane, Colum Sands and Frances Black praise him and radio presenters love his music. Of the albums that I have heard him play on there is not a single bad track. If even one of his songs were to get international listenership from a big name, all others would be trampled in the stampede to get tracks from him.

They have access to the CDs and now Mr Clarke has gone one better and published a book of 13 of his songs. Obviously he is not superstitious.

Within 32 pages of black print on white paper - no ostentation - is a treasure house of material for any singer wishing to break away from the chart material or the 'done to death' standards.

With full lyrics, guitar chords and notation, there is no excuse for not singing a superior new Irish song on your next gig. I hope he has sent copies to Christy Moore and the like.

The songs are fantastic. They reveal a genuine feeling for modern Ireland that is not clouded by silly sentiment. The lyrics are poetry set to music. If there is a criticism of his work it would be that it is, in the main gentle, but then so was the early Paul Simon.

The songs are full of wit as well as insight. 'Tuesday Night is Always Karaoke' is a fantastic song that laments the passing of the live session. With lines like "a priest appeared from nowhere with those 'Fields of Athenry' and a Welshman murdered 'Vincent' and 'American Pie'", you can sympathise with the sentiment if you ever witnessed such musical carnage.

'Seven in Ireland' is a sad song of childhood in the Northern Ireland of the 1970s.

Imagine Jesus returning for Christmas and you have the poignant song 'The wrong way Round'. In the end he sings, "the children try to stay up all night long but it's not me they're waiting for, no that's all long gone".

A person called Dolores is mentioned in more than one song and I wonder who she is. Maybe on a re-print the writer would include some background on each song.

There is no better way to end a review of this small masterpiece than to quote from his song 'But Then I'm Irish'. "But if you listened to a song or two, I say thank you very much, that still means everything". (Nicky Rossiter, RAMBLES magazine, December 2002)

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Anthony John Clarke's songbook is one of the most user friendly (capo positioning and tuning), helpful (Chord Shapes) books I have ever used... (David Kidd, Towcester)
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